Get a full size Red Alert, full size Glass, and OG Walker razor (razor color not guaranteed) as part of the OG Walker Edge Up Combo.

Cleanse. Soften. Refresh your beard with Clear Beard Wash by OG Walker

Hydrate. Nourish. Moisturize. Love your beard with Beard Beast by OG Walker.   1 x 4oz containers

This combo has everything that you need to make your beard Desirable.   1 x Clear Beard Wash (8 oz) 1 x Beard Oil (1 oz) 1 x Beard Beast (4 oz)

First Responder Shampoo.

4 oz. Container of Chameleon Semi-Color Temporary Hair Color available in MIDNIGHT BLACK, BLACK, and BROWN

Leave-In Conditioner

Red Alert Retention foam for barbers by barbers is a super versatile leave in conditioning formula with foaming action. It’s a wave pattern definer, helps with blending and sculpt Afros. Even after shampoo, it snaps the waves back to natural form.

Formulated for today precise natural edge ups. This triple threat is an oil dissolver, skin conditioner and antiseptic. The propriety cleaning properties makes the skin surface super clean and dry in preparation for use of your preferred Edge up products DIRECTIONS After shampooing and drying perform the hair cut u want to achieve. Apply a [...]