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Learn Side By Side with OG Walker One model. Just you and OG Walker. 2 hours of hands on training,1 hour of conversation, and a full kit of OG Walker Products. Total Price of $650, of which $150 is due today as a non-refundable deposit.

Hair/Skin Products

First Responder Shampoo


Hair/Skin Products

Chameleon Semi-Color


4 oz. Container of Chameleon Semi-Color Temporary Hair Color available in both BLACK and BROWN.


8 oz can of OG Walker Wave, Beard, and Skin Butta

Hair/Skin Products

Hair Milk


Leave-In Conditioner

Hair/Skin Products

“Dazzle” Finishing Spray


Hair/Skin Products

Beard Oil


Hair/Skin Products

Red Alert


Red Alert Retention foam for barbers by barbers is a super versatile leave in conditioning formula with foaming action. It’s a wave pattern definer, helps with blending and sculpt Afros. Even after shampoo, it snaps the waves back to natural form.


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