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OG Walker Black Friday Combo


Get ready for the OG Walker Black Friday Combo, a spectacular collection for all your styling needs. This exclusive combo includes Chameleon Color in Black or Brown, Red Alert Max Hold Retention Foam, Glass Pre-Wipe Edge-Up Solution, and a set of essential combs – a small brush, styling comb, and large handle comb. Perfect for achieving professional-grade styles at home.

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OG Walker Combo


Indulge in the ultimate styling experience with the OG Walker Barber and Beauty Combo. Featuring Red Alert Max Hold Retention Foam, nourishing Hair Milk, Glass Pre-Wipe Edge-Up Solution, and versatile OG Walker Blending Combs, this combo is your ticket to impeccable grooming. Perfect for professional stylists and grooming enthusiasts alike.

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Multi Razor


Experience the versatility of the Multi Razor, a two-in-one tool designed for the ultimate barber and beauty professional. With one side functioning as a straight razor and the other as a blending brush, the Multi Razor streamlines your hair cutting and coloring experience. Elevate your styling game with this innovative and efficient tool.

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Chameleon Combo


The OG Walker Chameleon Combo includes one bottle of Chameleon Semi-Color and the versatile Multi-Razor, offering a complete solution for cut enhancement and hair touch-ups. Achieve natural-looking, long-lasting color and precision cutting with this powerful duo. Ideal for professional stylists and at-home users, the OG Walker Chameleon Combo delivers exceptional results with every use.

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Dazzle – Wholesale


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